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Having a Dream of Studying in Canada?

Explore Canadian visa with GEE immigration educational consultancy, where you get proper guidance and assistance you need to proceed for your visa application. The full-fledged detail related to university, diplomas/degrees programs and certification, depending on your interest are provided on our official website. Discover everything you seek to study in Canada while receiving guidance from our professionals at every step.

First of all, we consider specific things like why the huge amount of aspirants love to shift to Canada? What are the reason behind choosing Canada over other countries?

So the answer is, Canada has a widely recognized educational system, a diverse and open society, and a wealth of amazing opportunities for culture. Studying in Canada will provide you a range of opportunities of internationally recognized schools and universities, not only that it gives you a wide range of innovative learning opportunities, reasonable tuition costs. It is the perfect place to study because of its varied friendly atmosphere, plenty of job changes and excellent standard of living that welcomes international student. Wide range of students move to Canada frequently every year.

The mission of GEE immigration educational consultancy is to provide support to students in achieving their study dream of pursuing international education. It becomes easy to deal with the Canadian educational system with our professional advice and personalized assistance. We are here to make sure that every aspirant has an easy switch, from assisting with visa applications to offering advice on top universities and well-known courses.

Moreover, in current years, more than 800,000 aspirants who have selected Canada for their academic destination, wide range of students belongs to India, Apart from India, aspirants are from Asian countries like china, and korea. The options are infinite in Canada, which often ranks highly in global quality of life and is home of several highly regarded universities.

Why college students from around the globe, along with India are passionate to move to Canada? What are the benefits of studying in Canada?

With so many compelling reasons to pursue higher education in the great white north, Canada has been a popular destination for international college students, because of so many advantages that students explore in Canada. Students select Canada above other nations for a variety of other reasons. The specific reasons and benefits are listed below:

Excellent Education System:

With a strong focus on discovery, experimentation, and ... innovation, Canada's educational tool equips university students for success in their chosen fields. Students gain from modern facilities, knowledgeable instructors, and practical learning opportunities that enhance their academic experience. Read more

Affordable tuition fees:

Compared to various popular nations like America and UK,... Canada give extra inexpensive trainings for international student. This makes analysing in Canada a price-powerful option without compromising on the excellent of training. Read more

Recognized Degrees:

Canadian degrees continue to be highly valued by ... employers in the global employment market, particularly for international graduates with competitive backgrounds. Companies value Canadian training above everything else, which increases graduates' employability and job prospects. Read more

Standard of living:

Canada is well-known for its excellent lifestyle, which include ... welcoming and safe/secure places, a wide range of cultural traditions, and stunning natural surroundings. Students enjoy a high standards of living, easy access to healthcare, and a multicultural setting that encourages personal growth and development. Read more

Opportunities for work and immigration:

Canada offers an extensive range of post-commencement ... work permit programs that enable international applicants to have access to valuable works. Read more

Hassle-Free Student Visa:

Our educational consultancy give proper assistance for... student visa to Canada, we try to make simple and easy for international students so they can obtain the necessary study permits easily. Our helpful immigration dedicated support services make the process easier for students nationwide. Read more

Guidance and Assistance for Every Query

Canadian provincial authorities divide three educational levels: Elementary, secondary, and post-secondary. A student can go for post-secondary education after finishing their secondary study. Canada has a 400% increase in enrolment, which attracts international students due to its highly regarded educational system and lower costs. One-year certificates to four- to seven-year doctorate or Ph.D. programs are among the qualifications, with different time frames for each examination level. Furthermore, there is no term limit for post-doctoral programs. We deal with various College and universities, students can pursue a variety of career and educational paths by choosing the course in which they take interest and which is acknowledged worldwide. Not only that Gee immigration educational


consultancy that specializes in immigration services, give assistance in making it easier for international students to study in Canada. We can assist with visa packages, offer guidance on immigration laws and regulations, and support students as they manage the challenges of moving to new states. Our educational consultancy can also provide information on financial assistance, housing options, and scholarships, which will simplify and make the entire process easier for students planning to study in Canada.

Interesting Courses

Canada is well-known for its educational system, as it offering a range of courses and programs to undergraduate and post-graduate students. It also introduce some diploma and certificate programs. Undergraduate and post-graduate courses normally takes 3-4 years, whereas the diploma programs take 1-2 years. Students are free to choose their courses related to their interest that helps them to indulge practically in any of programs and earn valuable knowledge or experience in their chosen fields. GEE immigration educational consultancy provide guidance related to popular courses and universities. This courses are like human resources management, computer science, international business management, animation and gaming, Masters in business administration and so on.

Best Universities to Study in Canada

The wide range of universities offer top-notch facilities regards to degree programs, ambitions environment, including modern libraries, quality of education, and advance research centres. Some of the campus offer accommodation that include residency halls, apartments, and eco-friendly environment in which students feel safe and secure. Our educational consultancy guide college going students through the techniques for admission to the top-ranked universities. We assist students to figuring out the colleges that align with their educational desires, possibilities and finances. So, let`s consider the list of some of top ranked universities, along with `QS world universities in 2024 and time higher education ranking, which deals with our educational consultancy.

High-Ranked Universities

University name University known for QS World University Ranking in 2024 Time higher education ranking globally Tuition fees Per year (CAD) Tuition fees Per year (INR)
University of Alberta Renowned for strong academic offerings across various disciplines 111 109 Ranging between 9000 to 50000 CAD 554558.73 to 3080881.84 Lakhs
University of Saskatchewan Known for programs in agriculture, engineering 473 501 6000 to 30000 CAD 369705.82 to 1848529.10 Lakhs
University of Toronto Top research university, innovation driven 353 401 45000 to 60000 2772793.65 to 3697058.20 lakhs
University of prince Edward Island Effective programs in veterinary medicine, and other fields 51 56 8000 to 15000 492941.09 to 924264.55 lakhs
University of Victoria Strong programs in environmental studies 322 301 8000 to 30000 492941.09 to 1848529.10 Lakhs
University of Calgary Business, health, science and diverse university culture 182 201 14000 to 30000 862646.91 to 1848529.10 Lakhs
University of Lethbridge Focuses on liberal education and research-intensive programs 1200 1500 10000 to 20000 616176.37 to 1232352.73 Lakhs

Wonderful institution in Canada

Our educational consultancy recognized some exceptional places to study in Canada, must explore with us the top ranked institutions, According to QS best institutional sites examine the rankings 2024, the top places that provide numerous cultural experiences, enough opportunities for non-public and educational increase in Canada are Toronto Ontario, Vancouver BC, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, the reasons for why this cities are considered the best for students are given below the text;

Toronto, Ontario:

Home to the distinguished University of Toronto, it gives a... diverse and ambitions environment. Students can experience cultural variety, standard lifestyle, and considerable career possibilities in industries like finance, and health care. Read more

Vancouver, British Columbia:

With the University of British Columbia as its flagship institution, ... Vancouver gives a beautiful natural backdrop for academic interests. Students can immerse themselves in outdoor sports, and generation of arts. Read more

Calgary, Alberta:

The University of Calgary known for its offering dynamic ... combination of academic excellence and financial possibilities. Students can discover numerous applications in organizations, health sciences, and engineering. Read more

Victoria, British Columbia:

It situated on Vancouver Island, Victoria is thought for the University of Victoria and its robust programs in environment research. Students can enjoy a laid-again island lifestyle, outdoor adventures, and a supportive academic community.

Documentation requirements to study in Canada

Gee immigration educational consultancy provide comprehensive guidance on necessary documents you required to submit at the time of applying for Canadian study visa include

  • English language proficiency test:

    This English language test the scores such as IELTS/PTE/DUOLINGO/CAEL/TOEFL. These scores shows the applicant`s ability to understand and communicate effectively in English.

  • Letter of attestation:

    This attestation letter describe applicant`s character, suitability for studying in Canada. Moreover, this letter serves to attain additional information like applicant`s background and intentions.

  • Statement of purpose (SOP):

    An sop outlines the student`s academic and career goals, contain reasons for choosing specific course or well recognized university. It helps admissions officers assess the applicant`s motivation and suitability for the program.

  • Work experience certificate:

    If you have relevant work experience, than a certificate documenting the experience may be required. This document is helpful to describe the applicant`s practical skills and professional qualification.

  • Submission of academic transcripts:

    Aspirants must have to submit school/bachelor`s/master`s degree certificates. These papers use for verify the applicant`s academic qualifications.

  • CV/Resume:

    It is required for checking applicant`s overall profile.

  • Copy of your valid passport:

    A copy of the applicant`s valid passport is necessary for identification and verification purposes. The candidate apply for Canada must have current and valid passport for the duration of the scheduled stay in Canada.

  • Proof of finances:

    Applicants must demonstrate sufficient financial resources to cover study expenses, living costs, and other associated expenses for studying in Canada. This evidence may include bank statements, sponsorship letters, scholarship awards, or other financial papers.

Price for studying in Canada

The value of reading in Canada can range relying on factors just like the institution, application and the way of life. Additionally, international aspirants have to be ready to manage costs like tuition fees, lodging, food, health, insurance, textbook, and other expenses. On common, undergraduate training expenses varied from CAD $7,000 to $30000 in step with 12 months, at the same time as for graduate packages, it may be higher, achieving up to CAD $20000 to 40000 annually. Moreover, residing costs can varied form CAD $10000 to 15000 per year scholarships, presents, and part-time work possibilities

that assist to offset these prices. We mention more details related to courses and approximate value on this table. Check the table given below the text:

Study program Average annual tuition fees Canadian dollar (CAD) Average annual fee in Indian Rupee (INR)
Undergraduate Program $7,000 - $30,000 430296.44 - 1844127.60
Post-graduate program $20,000 - $40,000 1229418.40 - 2458836.80
Masters of business Administration (MBA) $30,000- $60,000 1844127.60 - 3688255.20
Foundation courses $5,000 - $15,000 307354.60 - 922063.80

Estimation value of living in Canada

The cost for living in Canada are ranging between CAD 15000 to $20000. This costs relying on elements which include lifestyle, and family length. Our immigration helps you with those expenses, and offer precious diverse factors include: housing, utilities, food and beverages and other factors:


Our consultants can offer advice on locating low priced... housing alternatives, related to rent or mortgage bills represent a considerable part of residing fees. Rental prices vary with larger cities like Toronto and Vancouver being more luxurious than smaller towns or rural regions. On common, a one-bed room apartments in a metropolis centre can range from $1500 to $2500 and INR 92223.51 - 153705.85 per month. Read more


This includes electricity, heating, water and internet connection. ... The expenses vary depending upon utilization and can go around $150 to $250 per month. Its Indian costs goes 9222.35- 15370.59 rupees. Read more

Food and beverages:

The fees of groceries relies upon the choices of family length.... On average, single man or women can except to spend approximately $200 to $400 and Indian prices 12296.47- 24592.94 per month on groceries. Read more


Public transportation expenses vary by way of train or buses. This monthly passes typically range from $100 to $150 if the amount converted to Indian rupees than this costs around 6148.23 -9222.35. Owning a car involves extra expenses.

Employment opportunities after studying in Canada

Canada offers plethora of work opportunities to aspirants who have been completed their studies in various educational levels, graduates and skilled workers. International students get various options related to work include on-campus and off-campus work and are eligible for

Business People Working Together

internships. Students get their Post-Graduation work permit (PGWP) and work up to 3 years. Eligibility for the PGWP requires of completion of full-time application at a Designated learning Institution (DLI) in Canada, lasting at least 8 months. Suggested the following paperwork is needed in order to file for a valid employment permit:

  • Verification of identification
  • Evidence of employment
  • A confirmation of study completion letter from your designated learning institution (DLI)
  • A proof of completion for the degree
  • Recent photos the size of a passport (2)
  • list of Academic qualification
  • Medical certification

Potential for employment in Canada

In recent years, Canada has invited wide range of international aspirants, not only that Canada provide plethora of work opportunities to students during and after completing their studies. The employment rate for aspirants has increased. Generally, Canada has great work place for students, and even many aspirant finds part time and full time employment opportunities while studying. According to statistical data, the overall employment rate for students in Canada was around 47.1% in 2023 and 2024. With a Canadian study permit aspirants are eligible to work up to 20 hours per week. The average part time salary in Canada is $37,050 per year and approximately $19 per hour. The average earning of graduates in Canada $75,554 per year and $38.75 per hour. Want more about job duties and high paying jobs in Canada take a quick look on the given table below:

Job roles Average salary in CAD per year
Registered Nurse $78,546
Software Developer $72,000
Accountant $55,000
Mechanical Engineer $69,000
Electrician $62,400
Sales Representative $52,000
Truck Driver $50,000
Chef $45,000
Teacher $63,000
Construction Manager $90,000

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