Studying in the United Kingdom

International students have several advantages for studying in the UK. Popular destinations for choosing United Kingdom:

Studying in the UK (United Kingdom)

The United Kingdom is one of the most famous countries in the world and well well-known country for its diverse culture and it offers excellent academic experience to aspirants who want to pursue their career in the leading universities. The UK is a broad destination with 150 esteemed institutions which boosts fresh comer`s career and academics. GEE immigration services provide you with accurate guidance if you want to move to the UK. We give you brief details about diplomas, degrees, and other specific programs of your interest, which are provided on our official website. Seeking guidance and knowledge about the UK visa process or further details, our expert consultants assist you at every step.

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On an average basis, every year, millions of aspirants shift to the UK to study in certain Programs including MBA, Engineering, 1-year Master`s, Nursing, and so on. As per the basis of UK Authorities data, greater education universities almost doubled in the UK, reaching 433,102 in March 2023 from 222,047 in September 2019. As far as the information, study visas were granted, a 22% rise from the year ending March 2022.

About 679,970 international students from over 100 nations were studying at United Kingdom Universities in 2021-22. From these 120,140 aspirants were from EU countries and 559,825 belonged to non-EU. According to the government of UK data, 55,465 were popular studying in the UK in 2022 as the learner`s community considered the UK as a perfect place to study because of its varied friendly atmosphere, plethora of job opportunities, and effective standard of living that welcome international aspirants.

GEE Immigration`s mission is to provide support to learners in achieving their study dream of pursuing international academics. We ensure that every aspirant has an easy switch, from assisting with visa applications to guiding and recommending top universities and well-known programs, education costs, visa requirements, and intakes to study in the UK.

Why Study in the UK?

As mentioned above, the UK is the most popular country for studying and is well-known for its diverse culture is the foremost reason for a huge amount of students moving to the UK every year. Most of the students enrol for study in the UK for its advancement in technology, well-reputed universities and colleges, and diverse culture attract students to move to the UK for studying. The United Kingdom is also known for its rich learning history. UK has incredible places, including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, and Birmingham. The Campuses of Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, and College London are among the top academies in the world rendering to grades.

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Prime Advantages to Studying in the UK

The UK is known for its quality of education and career advancements. Studying in foreign nations is a life-changing decision for every aspirant. 100 plus funded by UK government private and public colleges, international students can avail various options related to their studies like diploma, degree, and masters programs. We provide expert advice for choosing programs and courses. The benefits of studying in the UK are given below the text:

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Top-Ranked Universities

UK leading top-notch universities and colleges including ... Cambridge, Oxford, and University College London ranked among the top 10 Universities. Read more

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Tuition Fees

Aspirants in the UK avail affordable tuition fees in various... Universities. Students get extra training without compromising on price. Read more

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Career and Opportunities

As a foreign student in the United Kingdom you may ... qualify for work opportunities that can only be done on a part-time basis. This is because the UK government allows international students to work 20 hours per week. Students get temporary jobs that may help in meeting daily needs and students get a chance to take into practical knowledge before completion of their studies. Read more

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Boost Communication Skills

By living in foreign nations students can improve their ... English proficiency. This improvement in the English language provides a competitive edge to work or communicate with professional workers. Read more

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Promote Personal Growth

Living in UK the multicultural setting that encourages ... students to personal growth and development, live independently, and adaptability. Read more

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Analysis Possibilities

Universities and colleges in the UK enable learners to ... engage in various investigations across various fields. Read more

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Standard of Living

UK is well-known for its standard lifestyle, which includes welcoming and secure sites, extensive cultural traditions, and stunning natural surroundings. Students enjoy high living standards.

Standardized Programs/Courses for Studying in the UK

The education system of the UK is divided into three types of degrees including Bachelor`s, Master`s, and Doctoral research programs. We deal with numerous colleges and universities, learners can chase career and educational ways by choosing the program they are interested in, the programs include arts and humanities, MBA, computer science, Ph.D., and Master`s degree, and so on. Moreover, GEE immigration educational consultancy professionals guide international learners to study UK. Our consultancy supports visa packages, proposal guidance on immigration commandments and regulations, and keeps students as they manage the challenges of moving to new states. Our educational consultancy can also provide information on financial assistance, housing options, and scholarships, which will simplify and make the entire process easier for students planning to study in the United Kingdom. There is a list of popular courses along with average annual tuition fees given below the table.

Name of the programs/courses Average Annual Tuition fees in GBP Average Annual Tuition fees in INR Course Duration
Bachelor`s degree( Arts & Humanities) £10,000 - £20,000 1051363.42-2102726.85 3-4 years
Bachelor`s Degree (Science) £10,000 - £25,000 1051363.42-2628408.56 3-4 years
Master`s Degree (Art`s & Humanities) £12,000 - £25,000 1261636.11-2628408.56 1-2 years
Master`s Degree (Science) £12,000 - £30,000 1261636.11-3154090.27 1-2 years
Ph.D. £13,000 - £25,000 1366772.45-2628408.56 3-4 years
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Universities/ Best Places in the UK

There are a plethora of campuses that provide various courses and excellence of learning. This campus also includes modern libraries and advanced research centers. Some of the universities include scholarships and funding, accommodation that involves study rooms, halls, apartments, and an ambitious environment so students can feel comfortable and safe while studying. GEE immigration Educational consultancy guides learners by providing methods of getting admission to the top-ranked institutions. We help them to figure out the colleges according to students' wants, and GEE immigration gives details related to some factors related to degree programs, along with QS world universities and, the cost of studying. This table contains the list:

Universities Universities are known for QS world rankings in 2024 Time higher Education ranking globally Tuition Fees per year (GBP) Tuition fees per year (INR)
University of Cambridge Renowned for High-ranking, Quality of Education 2 3 £24,507 to £63,990 2578300.60 - 6732176.73
University of Oxford Excellence research, innovation and libraries 3 1 £33,050 to £48,620 3477081.44 - 5115149.75
King's College London Known for academic excellence, and diverse learners community 40 35 £9,250 to £31,530 973161.98 - 3317167.25
University of Birmingham Known for its research-intensive and high-quality teaching 84th 101 £22,950 to £26,460 2414493.77 - 2783769.28
University of Bristol Research-oriented with its strong learners community 55 76 £9,250 to £22,200 973161.98 - 2335588.74
University of Edinburgh Wide range of programs and strong research 22 30 £14,850 to £34,800 1562319.50 - 3661193.16
University of Manchester Russell group member and research-intensive 32 51 £30,000 3156201.00
University of Nottingham Known for history, economics, and psychological programs 17 130 £28,600 3008911.62
University of Exeter State-of-art research facilities and standardized education system 18 153 £14,700 to £23,300 1546538.49 - 2451316.11
University of Glasgow Its wide curriculum and best student life 76 86 £10,800 to £56,520 1136232.36 - 5946282.68
University of London Multidisciplinary university heart of London 10 16 £4,500 to £37,500 473430.15 - 3945251.25
University of Warwick Research innovation and links with businesses and industries 67 104 £24,800 to £31,620 2609126.16 - 3326635.85
University of Southampton Known for its research, business, engineering and biological programs 81 97 £9,250 to £32,300 973161.98 - 3398176.41

Requirements for UK Study Permit

To acquire a study permit for studying in the UK, students must have to submit some necessary documents. This study permit is generally known as the tier four visa to study full-time courses. GEE Immigration assist you from the initial stage to the end process to get your study Permit. There are necessary documents for a UK study permit are given below the Check List:

  • Valid Passport
  • Passport-size Photos
  • Academic transcripts
  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)
  • Valid Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) certificate
  • Criminal record certificate
  • Proof of English language proficiency test
  • For under 18: Proof of relationship to parent/guardian
  • Written sanction from financial sponsor
  • Financial proof to support course fees and living expenses
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Cost of Studying in the UK

The average cost of studying in the UK varies on your chosen program or course, lifestyle, and institution for undergraduate aspirants the tuition fees range from £20,000 to £38,000 (2103839.59 -3997295.22) per year, while post-graduate programs cost from around £10,000 to £30,000 (1051919.79-3155759.39 INR) per year. More details related to courses and estimated costs on this table. Check the table given below in the table:

Course Level Average Cost in GBP per year Average Cost in INR per year
Diploma £8,000 to £20,000 841391.49 - 2103478.72
Undergraduate £10,000 to £22,000 1051739.36 - 2313826.59
Postgraduate £11,000 to £32,000 1156913.30 - 3365565.96
MBA £18,000 to £33,000 1893130.85 - 3470739.89
Ph.D. £13,000 to £28,000 1367261.17 - 2944870.21
Doctoral Courses £13,000 to £28,000 1367261.17 - 2944870.21

Expenditure of Residing in the UK

The ordinary monthly charge of living is around £754 for a single person or international aspirants, including house rent, transportation, bills, utilities, groceries, and leisure. Some cities in the UK are expensive such as London, Edinburgh, and Manchester. There is basic information regarding expenditure is mentioned below in the table:

Expenses Cost per month in GBP Cost per month in INR
House Rent £400 to £800 42088.88 - 84177.76
Transportation £50 to £100 5261.11 - 10522.22
Bills and Utilities £50 to £100 5261.11 - 10522.22
Groceries £100 to £150 10522.22 - 15783.33
Leisure and other expenses £100 to £200 10522.22 - 21044.44

After Studying Job Prospects in the UK for International Students

UK provides advantages to work there after completing studies. Students are eligible to acquire the UK graduate route visa so students can stay and work there for 2 years or post-graduation (doctoral degree) they obtain 3 years of work permit. The average pay rate in the UK is greater than before by £10.42 per hour for international aspirants. If a student wants to get a graduate route visa then they have to pay an £822 application fee and an aspirant has to pay the full amount for health surcharge which is £1,035 annually. Through this, it guarantees to get valuable work experience and work potential alternatives. Aspirants can also apply for a skilled work visa and pursue their career, on a tier 2 visa, when this visa expires. To apply for a graduate route visa there are some documents required given in the text:

  • Valid Passport
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Confirmation of Award or Certificate of qualification
  • Tuberculosis (TB) test results
  • Proof of Financial Sustainability
  • Health surcharge Payment Receipt

If you're looking for extra information regarding high-paying employment, work duties, and other related topics in the UK, have a short glance at the table below:

Work performance Average annual salary in GBP The average annual salary in INR Additional Information
Software Engineer £35,000 - £70,000 3679626.95 - 7359253.90 Expertise in designing, developing, and maintaining software application
Registered Nurse £24,000 - £45,000 2523172.77 - 4730948.94 Provide care and support to patients in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings
Marketing Manager £30,000 - £60,000 3153965.96 - 6307931.92 Oversee marketing campaigns and strategies to promote goods and services
Accountant £25,000 - £50,000 2628304.96 - 5256609.93 Prepare and examine financial records, ensure taxes are paid correctly
Teacher £25,000 - £40,000 2628304.96 - 4205287.94 Educate students and helping them to develop their knowledge and skills
Data Analyst £25,000 - £45,000 2628304.96 - 4730948.94 Data analyst collect, process data to help businesses make informed decisions
Customer service Representative £18,000 - £25,000 1892379.57 -2628304.96 Handle customer complaints, process orders, and provide information about goods and services

Hope the above information proved helpful for readers. If you have any queries and want to discuss anything in detail you can call or visit GEE immigration services. We will guide every footstep, as our motive is to make our clients satisfied and provide them with quality services.

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