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Australia is an amazing place and becoming a top destination among international aspirants who want to pursue their academic studies. More than 8 lakh students choose Australia for their higher education. International aspirants mostly admired the diverse culture and tropical weather over there. Australian campuses are frequently counted as the best campuses and provide an extensive range of offers to international aspirants so they can choose their courses and degrees according to their interests. Students can choose courses like Engineering, business, medicine, environmental science, and so on. Australia provides cutting-edge facilities, world-class programs, immersive culture, and post-work options. Not only that, in Australia students get the chance to meet with different people from different nations and this will help to broaden their knowledge. GEE immigration services assist you in finding a course of your interest and guide you to fulfill your dream of studying overseas.

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Why do learners choose Australia for their studies?

There are so many reasons why seekers choose Australia for higher qualifications. As above I mention some reasons, now let`s considered the detailed information about it.

The educative system of Australia involves higher education, innovation, research facilities, and other necessary facilities. The education system is divided into three parts- Primary, secondary, and tertiary by the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). For example, undergraduate, higher education, post-graduation, doctoral courses, and Ph.D. programs. International aspirants are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week and will grab more career opportunities while studying. Australian authorities introduce facilities to international students like scholarships, funds, and other benefits to the aspirants. International aspirants feel safe and secure at the time of studying in Australia.

Admission requirements for Australian Study visa

  • Evidence of Academic qualification
  • Proof of English Proficiency test
  • Letter of recommendation (LOR)
  • Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)
  • Evidence of sufficient funds
  • Bio-metric
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Eligibility criteria to study in Australia

International learners who seeking to study graduate programs, or master`s courses must meet the requirements such as IELTS/PTE/TOEFL Score, percentage, and other factors are written below the checklist:

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  1. Bachelor`s Program:
    • +2 Pass with minimum 60%
    • IELTS - Overall 6.5 bands no less than 5.5
    • PTE - Overall 58 no less than 50
  2. Master`s (MBA/MS)
    • 3 to 4 years of graduation from a well-reputed university/college
    • Pass out with a minimum of 65%
    • Overall 6.5 band score not less than 6
    • PTE - Overall 58 no less than 50
    • Up to 10 backlogs acceptable

Cost of Studying in Australia

The expenses of studying depend on the course or programs that you have chosen, and your preferred location. Here are the estimated values mentioned in the table for different levels of education:

Level of Education Annual Expenses (AUD) Annual Expenses (INR)
Diploma AUD 5,000 - AUD 20,000 271664.97 - 1086659.87
Undergraduate AUD 20,000 - AUD 45,000 1086659.87 - 2444984.71
Post-graduate AUD 20,000 - AUD 50,000 1086659.87 - 2716649.68
MBA AUD 25,000 - AUD 90,000 1358324.84 - 4889969.43
Ph.D. AUD 20,000 - AUD 45,000 1086659.87 - 2444984.71

Popular universities in Australia

Our company deals with the top campuses that provide good education to aspirants and are well-reputed in Australia. The tuition fees depend on various courses and programs that you choose according to your interest. Here in the text below, we provide you a table that will help you to determine everything accurately and quickly:

University Known for QS world ranking QS world ranking Time higher education ranking Average tuition fees (AUD)
University of Western Australia Known for its strong engineering and science courses 72 143 $37,000 - $49,000 2006679.46 - 2657494.42
Australian National University Popular for its science, medicine, and research techniques 34 62 $10,500- $39,000 569463.09 - 2115148.62
University of Adelaide For its quality of education and innovative methods 89 111 $38,000- $50,000 2060914.04 - 2711729.00
University of Melbourne Strong employment opportunities, and an international research network 14 34 $15,000- $50,450 813518.70 - 2736134.56
UNSW Sydney For its Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) courses 19 45 $21,360- $50,400 1158450.63 - 2733422.83
University of Queensland Australia Known for winning Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) 43 53 $13,710 - $48,976 743556.09 - 2656192.79
University of Sydney For its excellence in arts, architecture, geography, and business 19 60 $47,500 - $ 56,000 2576142.55 - 3037136.48
Monash University Known for nursing programs, equipment facilities, and so on. 42 54 $9,900 - $53,000 536922.34 - 2874432.74

Best Sites to Study in Australia

International aspirants preferred to live independently so they selected their accommodation for living instead of living on campus. Some places are considered the best and most pocket-friendly to live for international students. This text contains whole details related to these sites:

Melbourne: This is one of the amazing cities in Australia, renowned for its diverse culture. It is known as the cultural capital of Australia. Melbourne City includes famous universities such as the University of Melbourne, Monash University, Victoria University, and many more. Some of the reputed offices are located in this city such as Australian Council Trade Union.

Sydney: Another popular place and one of the largest places in Australia is Sydney. This city is highly ranked because it offers a wide range of employment and other opportunities. Although this city is expensive compared to other cities, students love to live in this city. There are so many places where aspirants enjoy their free time such as beaches, and clubs. Furthermore, the most famous companies namely Apple, Microsoft, and Google provide career opportunities to international learners.

Perth: Perth is located on the western coast and the home to four public universities. This city offers an extensive range of programs related to arts, science, and some innovative programs. It also includes bars, clubs, and tourism spots.

Adelaide:This city is considered the fifth largest city in Australia. The cost of living is affordable for international aspirants. It offers curriculum activities, immersive programs, and career opportunities to International students.

Cost of Living in Australia

This text contains the estimated valuation of living costs, travel costs, food, and other costs for international students to survive in different places.

Expenses Expenses per month (AUD) Expenses per month (INR)
Rent for accommodation $450 - $1200 24408.69 - 65089.83
Transportation $150 - $200 8136.23 - 10848.30
Groceries $100 - $200 5424.15 - 10848.30
Bills and Utilization $70 - $220 3796.91 - 11933.14
Leisure and other expenses $50 - $100 2712.08 - 5424.15

After Studying Employment Opportunities

After completing studies international students can stay and work in Australia. Students also indulge in Australia Part-time work for up to 48 hours a fortnight while studying and Full-time work at the time of holidays while studying in Australia. This provides them with financial stability and helps them to pay their expenses. Various Australian institutions provide internship programs for learners so they can get practical knowledge and gain experience from others. Overall, Australia offers a competitive salary, cutting-edge facilities, high quality of life standards, and a bright future for international pupils.

Educational Loan for Studying in Australia

An educational loan is a significant type to apply for an Australian study visa. This loan helps students to cover tuition fees, expenditure of living, and other necessary expenses. If students are financially not strong but want to study in Australia then this type of study loan is beneficial for aspirants. GEE immigration educational consultancy provides informative guidance to students so they can get loans in a short time and on low interest with less paperwork. Various public and private banks and government programs also provide loans.

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